About Aimee

 I started to learn the game of paddle in 2017 after playing tennis all my life.  As many do, I started to play paddle with a few friends by taking a weekly lesson, and within weeks, all of us experienced the same issue with the grit on the face of paddle rackets. In due time, we scratched our phones, had bloody knuckles while looking for our keys, and one of my partners even chipped her beautiful ring.  After that happened, I told my friends I was going to make us something to help – I recently started sewing much more often, and it was only natural to experiment with making a fabric cover. That’s where the original paddle covers came about - protecting the hands of my friends while having fun with a hobby of mine.  Over the last few years, I figured out how to improve the covers, and fast forward to today...I’m starting to focus on them by creating a new business, Stitched.

Fun Facts:

First place I played paddle: Martins Dam in Wayne, PA

My racket: Oversize Wilson paddle

Favorite Gear: Smartwool, Cotopaxi, and Arcteryx 

Sneakers of choice: Nike Court shoes

Favorite paddle bag: Patagonia Black Hole Tote